Thank you very much. I feel really good and my eye allergies have completely disappeared. Maybe it was the implant u found behind the right eye. But I feel much more clear and present in my body. Less irritability, clearer toward other people. Not confused nearly as much about the world and my place in it…. though I am not saying I have that totally clear.

Handling stress with less stress on myself. Stronger in my body with greater presence. Overall it has been wonderful. I have told several of my patients about your work. They will of course have to decide for themselves. For some it is a leap.


Thank you so much for the skill and knowledge that you brought forward last night to move through these ancient blockages. I greatly appreciate your compassion, thoroughness and willingness to go the distance! Emotional relief swept through me and I received beautiful crystal clear diamond light surrounding me, as I seemed to float higher and higher out of my confusion and grief.

The energies have shifted significantly already and I plan to continue moving and breathing, my heart leaped at sudden recognition that has eluded me in the past. It as if aspects of myself are rejoining me now and I am strengthened, settling and receiving clarity.

Thank you again for your Wisdom and Love


Hello Petra, well I’m bit confused, I’ve catched a bit of a flu on Saturday, but from Sunday evening forth it was different than usually. I felt like clearing, normally when i have cold it’s not that bad, but one day my left eye was like “crying” and the next day the other one. But felt like total clearing of my system, and I’m getting better now. Yesterday evening during my meditation, I felt strongly St. Germaine presence and I felt – I’m sorry don’t know how to explain it in English properly 🙂 – but like soft pitching all over my face, was a good feeling. Just want to thank you for your work.