Yeah were finishing up to get to the next phase

As we are finishing up the pyramids, we are going into a new stage of our path to full Ascension.


This Monday we are starting with one new workshop, our soul path.


We have been working on our foundation for Ascension and it's time to start working from a higher level.


The human mind has us looking and working from the physical perspective, but Ascension is not a completely physical process. In reality it is a soul process.


Our soul has guided the human towards this point, but as humans we cannot see the full picture yet if what our soul has in mind as far as evolution and Ascension.


So we are going to connect and ask our soul to give us more perspective and understanding as we move into a new level of ascending and evolution of our soul. We will be looking at the overall effect we have had so far, not just on our self but also the ones closest connected to us, and we will be looking at some of our previous lifetimes where we worked on Ascension.


We know we have followed this path before and are here to complete this path in one lifetime instead of many lifetimes.


Each of us is creating, building, our Ascension ladder. Or what some call the stairway to heaven. The stairway is what allows others to start following this path, but more importantly it is our path out of the matrix of human incarnation on Earth.


Those closely connected to us are just one step behind us, even though most will not know this, most are not aware of the spiritual path they have chosen. But there is a reason they are the ones closest to us. Their souls chose to be part of our life at this time to assist us on this path in some way.


The path of Ascension is one of the most difficult ones and requires intention, dedication, but most of all a trust within our own soul.


There have been many times where we were tested, by our own self and others. This is part of the process, there is a reason many of us spent lifetimes working on the Ascension. Many times in solitude.


All those lifetimes is what prepared us for this lifetime, even though we didn't know at the time. We have chosen this path in this life once again, but this time the stakes are higher. We are the frontrunner for our soul group, but we are also on the frontier of a new Ascension revolution.


This is why we need to start working from a soul level, our soul is the one who guided us to this moment.


Now when I say soul, I am not speaking of what most consider their human soul. I am speaking of our source being, our full being.


It is time for a deeper awakening or awareness, as we move toward completing what we chose this lifetime, the complete Ascension of our physical and spiritual being out of the incarnation cycle of the Earth matrix system. But not just the Earth, our universal matrix system as well. Returning to our full cosmic existence.


We didn't just chose this path for our self, we also took it upon us to assist the ones closest to us. And all the ones coming after us.


As humans we see it as a path for the human, in reality it is a path for our soul to evolve into the next stage of evolution as well.


In reality the human path is less important than the soul or full being path. This is why we are going to be working on the connection and communication with our full source being to guide us in the last steps.


This is part of what we need to work on this coming year, as we are on our way to completing full Ascension.


In the new year we will have more new workshops


Stepping into our full source being and more

December 18 2017 (1)


December 18 2017 $25.00 Soul Path

December 18 2017 2017 $20.00 SOLOMONS TEMPLE

December 18 2017 2017 $20.00 clearing

Finishing temple and arc December 18 2017 2017 $99.00 pyramids 1

December 26 2017 (2)


December 26 2017 $25.00 Soul Path

December 26 2017 2017 $20.00 SOLOMONS TEMPLE

December 26 2017 2017 $20.00 clearing

Finishing temple and arc December 26 2017 2017 $00.00 pyramids 2

Tuesday January 2 2018 (3)


January 2 2018 $25.00 Soul Path

January 2 2018 $20.00 SOLOMONS TEMPLE

January 2 2018 $20.00 clearing

Yeah last one temple and arc January 2 2018 $00.00 pyramids 3

Tuesday Jan 8 2018 (1)