Blue Light Star Healing System

The Blue Light Star attunement was everything I had thought and hoped it would be. The attunement, which came through during the meditation, was strong and clear. The divine beings who surrounded me during the attunement were gentle, kind, loving and powerful. I felt honored to see so many masters around me glowing in gold and white light — it felt both very expansive and safe.

When I felt the attunement energies I realized the strength and power I was being gifted with and now feel permanently connected to Ashtar. I cannot wait to use this new energy in my healing work. Thank you, Petra, your work is going to make a real difference in my spiritual life.

Blue Light Star System

Hello Petra, I thought I’d write to you about my experiences with the Blue Light Star energies in view of what has happened to me in the last couple of days. I wanted to wait until tonight to bring this up but I don’t want to take time from anybody as this is long and detailed.

I will start with the day following the activation because that’s when I noticed the first effects of this powerful energy. In the morning when I got up from bed I noticed some bruises above my ankles, they looked like two purple rings on both feet, there was no pain or discomfort associated with it only a hot and cold sensation and I figure it had to do something with the new energy working its way through my body. 24 hours after these bruises were gone without leaving any trace of it. That night as I was working in my computer I had the sudden urge to go see myself in the mirror which I did and to my surprise I was able to see my Aura in full splendor with all these hues of gold and purple especially over my head. There was like a purple flame on my crown chakra that went upwards. What impressed me most was that when I raised my hands I was able to see the energy coming out of them in shades of bright green, turquoise, and baby blue, it was especially strong at the tip of my fingers where it ejected like spurs of blue light.

I stood there watching this spectacular display of lights until my eyes grew tired and then I said a prayer to thank the Universe for this gift. Since then I have been using this energy to do some healings, not much on other people but to heal the environment, although I have treated minor ailments like headaches, backaches and sinus with much success. The energy is very strong and it is readily available as soon as I think of it. I can feel it running through my body and just the thought of it make my hands burn and vibrate at the same time, it is a very nice sensation. I have been using it for the hurricanes like we did that night of the activation and also to heal Mother Earth. I started to do a meditation to bring this healing energy to the center of the Earth, for this I would travel to the heart of our beloved planet and once there I would start radiating the energy for the Earth to send it to those places where it is most need it. This is something that I like to do in return for all the bounties and the beauty that we receive from it. The day before yesterday something unexpected and wonderful happened for while I was traveling to center of the Earth I noticed the presence of a beautiful Angel who was escorting me. She wore a translucent pearlized gown and it looked very much like a fairy, but bigger in size than any human. this angel stated that she was guardian of the seas and that instead of going to the center of the Earth, we would be going to the depths of the ocean where my presence and assistance was requested, (later I was explained that this because of my connection to the ocean and all marine life). She took me to the sea bed where there was barely sunlight but it was magical, beautiful and very peaceful, down there I could feel a sense of oneness and belonging. I stood in the middle of that blue space and began to radiate the energy first from my heart, then from my hands until my whole body was engulfed in a blue sphere of energy. Suddenly I saw the arrival of Dolphins, a few Dolphins in the beginning but many of them afterwards, it was as if the energy was attracting them. Then these Dolphins formed a circle around me with their tales toward me and their heads facing outwards and at this point I was told that the Dolphins would be directing the energy to those parts of the ocean where it was most required, (here I saw images of destruction and dead coral reefs). After this I suddenly found myself breathing on the surface, it was sunny and peaceful and I could feel the warmth of the sun rays in my face, then I saw another being coming towards me. he looked like he was gliding on the surface of the sea, his appearance was gold and was glowing in the sunlight. This being was approaching at an incredible speed until he bumped me. Next thing I knew, I was back in my living room. My second contact with dolphins occurred while on a meditation with my Higher Self when a Dolphin like figure appeared and identify itself as The Dolphin Consciousness. This Consciousness stated that Dolphins are a Supra-Human consciousness and explained the purpose of them being on this planet. The Dolphin Consciousness the told me that because of my concern towards the ocean this contact had been possible and that there was much work to be done for human assistance was badly needed in order to establish a balance in the ecology of the oceans. I had a third contact with the Dolphin Consciousness later on that very same day where I was taken by the dolphins to a system of Crystal Caves undersea that resembled a temple, at the end of this Crystal Cave and right in the center laid what appeared to be a huge Bell like shape, transparent and a lot of light came from it, the core of this figure was a blinding sphere of pure light. I recognized this as the Dolphin Consciousness. Its energy was serene yet very powerful I came towards it and in a flash I was back into my physical body The days before this happened I had been waking up in the middle of my sleep with vivid images of Dolphins in Space, shapes of sacred geometry, symbols that I’ve never seen before and las night I got flash backs with words like, Dolphin Christ Chambers, Dolphin Activations, Conversations with Dolphins, Dolphin path to Ascension and the list goes on. Today I haven’t been able to take my thoughts off Dolphins and the Dolphin Consciousness which I never heard about before either. I am very familiar with the physical aspect of Dolphins because I used to work with them and I have always regard them as the Angels of the Sea, but this experience has taken me by surprise and I must say I very grateful for this. I now have this urge to be by the ocean and also fell that there is something that I need to do or accomplish with this information that I have been given. I wonder what it is? how can I be of help to the Dolphin Consciousness? Where do I go from here? I know it is probably too early to ask all these questions but this have been in my mind all day and that is why I decided Petra to write to you and share my experiences. I believe the activation in the Blue Light Star triggered something in me that needed to be awaken and I am ever so grateful to my Higher Self, my Angels and Guides, the Ascended Masters and all Light beings of the Universe for showing me the way and for bringing these experiences into my life. I truly want to thank you Petra for the Light Work that you do. I am sorry for such a long e-mail, but I needed to talk about this with you and maybe get your insights on these experience.

I feel after few days that Blue Light Star energy is very strong and clear easily old blockages. I am Usui, Shamballa, Sekhem and Lightarian master and have experiences also from many other energies. This is different and like it very much. It has opened for me new doors.


J-Seals or Jehovian Seals Removal

Thank you very much. I feel really good and my eye allergies have completely disappeared. Maybe it was the implant u found behind the right eye. But I feel much more clear and present in my body. Less irritability, clearer toward other people. Not confused nearly as much about the world and my place in it…. though I am not saying I have that totally clear.

Handling stress with less stress on myself. Stronger in my body with greater presence. Overall it has been wonderful. I have told several of my patients about your work. They will of course have to decide for themselves. For some it is a leap.

J-Seals Removal

Thank you so much for the skill and knowledge that you brought forward last night to move through these ancient blockages. I greatly appreciate your compassion, thoroughness and willingness to go the distance! Emotional relief swept through me and I received beautiful crystal clear diamond light surrounding me, as I seemed to float higher and higher out of my confusion and grief.

The energies have shifted significantly already and I plan to continue moving and breathing, my heart leaped at sudden recognition that has eluded me in the past. It as if aspects of myself are rejoining me now and I am strengthened, settling and receiving clarity.

Thank you again for your Wisdom and Love

J-Seals Activate more DNA

Hello Petra, well I’m bit confused, I’ve catched a bit of a flu on Saturday, but from Sunday evening forth it was different than usually. I felt like clearing, normally when i have cold it’s not that bad, but one day my left eye was like “crying” and the next day the other one. But felt like total clearing of my system, and I’m getting better now. Yesterday evening during my meditation, I felt strongly St. Germaine presence and I felt – I’m sorry don’t know how to explain it in English properly 🙂 – but like soft pitching all over my face, was a good feeling. Just want to thank you for your work.

The 13 gates and the Crystal Skulls

Kuthumi Isis Sananda and a few others they will open the doorway to your heart, as they did mine. I was guided to the 13th gate initiation by spirit and boy am I ever grateful.

I was taken to a room where all the skulls welcomed me telling me that they had been waiting for me and then up through the clouds I went raising higher and higher, but I had no fear due to the gentle melodic voice coming through the phone. I next entered a room where a skull was floating in the air and I saw gold and white light the skull told me welcome we have been waiting and will do many great things together. Meanwhile I had waves of energy coursing through my whole body as I was descending. I felt safe and secure with Petra and her ease of grounding you back into your body. So to any of you anyone reading this know that you have been guided here for a reason and if you’ve read this far go ahead and do the activation you’ll be glad you did. As fellow way shower I can honestly tell you this is a very highly gratifying experience it will only enhance your gifts 10 fold!! To Petra you are Love Loving and Beloved Humbled by you Star-Rising

The 13 Gates

I recently attended Petra’s seminar on the 13 gates in April. I am a lawyer and have not been focused on the spiritual aspect of my life. After this seminar, I have been opened up to receive a message from my grandmother that had passed over several years ago and a couple of days ago when I awakened from my night’s sleep, I was greeted by a beautiful golden angel standing over my bed. Her workshop has been incredible for my spiritual growth and ability to see the unseen. I recommend her workshops to anyone wanting to be better connected to their guides, teachers and the angels.

The 13 Gates into Cosmic Consciousness

I recently attended Petra’s workshop on the 13 gates and found it to be so incredible. If you want a stronger connection to God, the ascended masters and the angels and are hoping to enhance your physic abilities, this is definitely the seminar for you. Petra is an ancient one and it was an honor to have her offer her time to teach this incredible series.

Align Cosmic Axiatonal Lines

This journey was to align, connect, and activate the Cosmic Axiatonal Lines. Ultimately the journey was to activate the full structure of the cosmic grid throughout the body. First we began with an alignment and balancing on the twelve chakras. Mine have already been balanced and integrated within the body and so this part of the meditation resulted in the further growth, expansion, and merger of the crystalline core. Afterwards we began the meditation. The energy was amazing. As I went into the higher realms to connect the lines of the divine into the grid within my body I could feel the pulsing vibration of energy in my physical hands. When the flow of energy began expanding throughout the grid it felt as if these lines were blood vessels and that the energy moved throughout as if circulating through my veins. I could feel the lines shed layers revealing the crystalline grid structure underneath. The whole structure throughout the body shined with intense energy and it was very peaceful and energetic. It was a great experience.

Recover my Love, Power, Wisdom crystals

Hi Petra, I wanted to let you know that the experiences I had while taking the Cosmic Axiatonal Alignment was so amazing and it has done so much for me, today is the 22nd three days after the workshop and I still so elated and clear. I also do feel complete thanks for helping me recover my Love, Power, Wisdom crystals. I don’t think I have the ability to describe how awesome everything was and still is. Just the fact that I’m able to see things in a clearer kind of way it’s a big bonus. I came to your workshop thinking that I would be just taking a healing class but boy was I in for a big surprise, what I got was so much, much more than I could’ve imagine, all I know is that because of what you helped me accomplish over the weekend I feel like I’m so much closer to realizing my true self and closer to reaching ascension. Thank you from the bottom of my now complete heart.